Butoh Tanz Performance MIMESI

Butoh Tanz Performance
Performance of Butoh dance by and with Valeria Geremia produced by Sicula Butoh.
I travel through matter; matter within and without, from the macro to the micro dimension. Organic world in continual change. Mutation, transformation, life cycle like perpetual flow……

Like in an hypothetical trip in the cells world, an Energy develops itself and creates.

The spectators are absorbed by an atmosphere of suggestive audio-visual impact; in the opening minutes of the performance the almost imperceptible lighting accentuates this effect, giving the sensation of matter in movement. The scenery consists of two cloth sheets both 3mx3m in size decorated with a particular pattern of plastic form in black and white; one of the cloths is placed as a background and the other on the ground, everything else is completely black. The dancer's body is decorated in the same way, this gives a strong hypnotic effect of mimesis.
At the beginning the body appears as a shade in an inky liqueur; the dancer is seminude yet her skin is decorated and sheltered by 'filaments' that produce viscidity and vibrations together. The separation happens in a gradual way, but its completion is marked with great intensity by the dancing, a rebirth is in act and the public becomes witness of its mutation.
In the second part, the energy created reveals itself through a new being, whose dance is liberated on stage in a direct, sometimes crude way, and touches the extremes, lingering there. Its evolution takes us to words and then to the epilogue.

The scenery and the dance are by Valeria Geremia, the soundtracks are specially created for the performance. The duration of the performance is 60 minutes. The performance was presented at the 5th edition of the international festival "Barcelona en Butoh."

Butoh dance by Valeria Geremia
Produced by Sicula Butoh
Soundtracks by karmek
Text by Gianpaolo De Pietro
Lighting Franco Adorna

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